Wed 21 Feb 2024 Bonanza Collective

Bonanza Love Stories: Hannah & Anna

Anna and Hannah both joined the very first edition of Bonanza Collective back in April 2022. For us, this edition (just like all the other ones haha) will always have a special place in our hearts due to it setting the community tone that has come to define Bonanza. A place of warmth, love, openness and acceptance. 

Here is their story told through the eyes of Hannah.

The road to Biarritz

Anna and I met us on our way to biarritz. We connected via our bonanza WhatsApp group, she came her way from Denmark and I picked her up in Germany, close to my hometown. I saw Anna, we hugged and I knew that I want to become her friend haha. We drove all the way to France and shared a tiny bed in my van. After a two day trip of talking and listening to music we arrived and from that moment I felt deeply connected to Anna. 

The week with Bonanza Collective

After meeting all the amazing women, I felt so blessed and just grateful to be able to share the time with everyone. Our whole group immediately felt like a safe space and my heart healed with every hug and conversation. Sharing our first waves together and screaming out of joy to the ocean was the best feeling ever. After the week of bonanza and a lot of tears of goodbyes, Anna and I drove to the ocean and just spent the day watching the waves, we were really quiet, crying and laughing at the same time.

The Bonanza afterglow

We decided to continue our journey together and spent another two weeks together, traveling in the van. We went to San Sebastian, bought our roadtrip CD (Greta von fleet), slept in parking lots and also spent some time in Paris on our way back. It felt like I met Anna a long time before. We kept seeing each other and my heart feels full when I think about the memories we created together with our friends. Forever grateful for our bonanza friendship love story <3

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