Hi/Hej/Bonjour. We’re Elin & Amanda,

best friends and founders of Bonanza Collective.​

The full story requires a glass of vino, but here's the short version: we met in early 2022 over a coffee. Both newly dumped it was literally the saddest friend date you can imagine :’) But everything aligned and it somehow led to an immediate car purchase and a one way road trip to France. We surfed (a lot), made a bunch of friends, fell in and out of love a couple of times and most importantly, found ourselves in a beautiful community of individuals. Two endings had turned into the beginning of a life long friendship.

In short, life turned bonanza.

bonanza [noun]
a large amount of something desirable

Bonanza Collective was born in the middle of a wet and windy Basque winter,

but it existed as an idea within both of us many years prior to that.

Having both worked at numerous surf and yoga retreats, we spent our twenties hopping between different surf destinations. Elin spent her winters in Sri Lanka and summers in Cornwall, while Amanda had Costa Rica as her tropical get away and Galicia as her European summer dream. 

We shared the same passion for the lifestyle, but sometimes missed a community of women to surf and go on trips with.

And then France serendipitously happened. We finally found ourselves in a place where we had everything we wanted right in our backyard. In other words, we realised that we had the perfect opportunity to create the community we had dreamt off. That's why Bonanza came to life: to be a space where you can pursue something you love - and at the same time find people to share it with.

Our vision is that Bonanza Collective will continue to grow as a community where we inspire and support each other - and simply have fun while going on adventures together.