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Bonanza Love Stories: Shona & Roser

Roser and Shona both joined our spring edition in May 2023. They became this unmatched pair constantly laughing or deep in conversation. From an outsiders view, they seem like each other's opposites that beautifully complements each other. Roser's fiery energy lifts up Shona and makes her unstoppable, while Shona's beautiful calmness seemed to ground Roser. This is their Bonanza love story told with their own words.

The beginning


When I was on my way to Biarritz (I went by car and by myself) I was wondering how well and how much comfort I could possibly find in a group of girls I would only see for a week and for the first time. When I entered the house, the first girl I saw was Shona. This tall and gorgeous perfect ginger haired girl with this incredible kind energy. That same night while talking to all the girls but specifically with Shona about astrology, boys and our lives my fears of feeling out of place went away. 

From that very first night I felt this connection with her as if I had known her for my whole life and so I kept feeling drawn to her every day and in every activity we did.

From the minute Roser arrived in the Bonanza house she was so full of life and I knew from the first time we spoke that I had just met a friend for life. We would sit and talk for hours about everything and anything and it felt like I was talking to someone I’d known my whole life. We balance each other out with our personalities being so different but so similar at the same time. 

Not a goodbye, more like a see you soon

I will always remember our last day in Biarritz last summer. When we were leaving we both never said ‘goodbye’ to each other, we just hugged and said ‘see you later’ because we both knew that we’d be seeing each other again and that nothing was going to change. And we were both right because we still keep in contact and Roser has just booked a flight to visit me in Scotland this summer.

I can’t wait to visit Shona and spend some days with her as we’ve been talking about visiting each other since before parting ways in the Bonanza house. 

The Bonanza Effect

For me that week meant so many things, but mostly I learned many things about myself and what I’m capable of in terms of trying new things and meeting new people and creating these incredible connections with so many incredible girls.

Coming into the Bonanza house I had no clue what to expect from the week apart from it being a fun active week but I was wrong, it was so much more than that. I learnt so much about myself, met best friends for life and found such a safe space to venture out my comfort zone and found a new level of happiness and confidence. Having been able to meet such amazing people from all over the world and share such amazing experiences with them has genuinely changed my life forever. I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to experience the love of Bonanza.

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