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Bonanza Love Stories: Safia & Maya


Safia: Despite any pre-trip anxieties we might have felt — it was both of our first times solo travelling — we can only remember the six nights we spent in Biarritz as a supercut of heart and hilarity and genuine connection; sweet vignettes of all the girls cooking together, singing in the car, dancing in the streets, and cheering each other on as we caught our first waves.

Maya: On the first night of Bonanza we all bundled into the cars and headed to the beach, picnic baskets in hand. I remember Safia skipping over to me, introducing herself and asking what I did for work. After finding out I’m a singer, we instantly bonded over our similar taste in music as well as our passion for travel.

Safia: As the week continued we discovered many more commonalities, from packing the same post-surf snacks to finding out we go to the same hairdresser! After a week of surfing, yoga, and all the joy that accompanied it, it was such a delight to know that we had both travelled from the same city, and could pack the friendship up in our suitcases to pick back up in London— the best kind of souvenir.

Maya: Since the retreat our friendship has been full the of activity and adventure that it was founded on, meeting up in London for workout classes, pottery painting, baking, brunches, and events. Safia and her boyfriend even drove across the country to watch me perform on tour in Wales. We travelled together last September to Lisbon and are already planning a trip to Greece for this summer!

Safia: Anyone who’s met Maya knows that she’s just the coolest, sweetest girl, with effortless grace and style, and a very special way of seeing the world; it’s such a joy to be her friend! I constantly feel grateful for the serendipity that led to us crossing paths, and so lucky that I get to have a friend whom I am so inspired by. Perhaps this was some cosmic alignment, but I feel the more likely explanation is the sweet and special community that Elin and Amanda have fostered — Bonanza is a beacon for kindred spirits :)

Maya: Safia’s joyous energy is infectious, leaving a trail of smiles behind wherever she goes. Her incredibly thoughtful and kind-hearted nature makes anyone who knows her feel loved and appreciated. I am so grateful to Bonanza for introducing me to so many incredible women and the special friendships which they helped form, like the one I’ve made with Safia.

Safia: Since the trip, it’s been lovely to meet up with other girls from Bonanza as they’ve passed through London, which we’ve done multiple times. Not only has it been so special to reunite with friends from our retreat, but we’ve also met up with girls from other editions — it really does feel like one big family!

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